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Dental Checkups & Cleanings – Dunwoody, GA

Keeping Smiles Healthy From the Start

A young female patient smiling in preparation for seeing her dentist in Dunwoody Everyone over the age of four or five should visit the dentist for a professional hygiene appointment twice a year. Dr. Jeff Rodgers, Dr Meredith Hughes, and our team of expert professionals are here to deliver the highest quality dental care using a compassionate and calming approach. By providing a regular dental checkup and cleaning every six months, we can help you avoid many of the most common dental problems and instead, keep your smile healthy and beautiful. If it’s been a while since your last dental visit, don’t hesitate to contact our office and schedule an appointment with our dentists in Dunwoody – Dr. Jeff Rodgers and Dr. Meredith Hughes!

A male patient smiles as the dentist prepares to examine his oral cavity What Happens During a Dental Checkup and Cleaning?

Our gentle hygienists will inspect your gums for periodontal disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults in the United States. Our hygienists are specially trained to detect, deter, and treat gum disease. We prefer to help you maintain optimal oral health so that you never have to worry about it. However, if you develop periodontal problems, we're here to help you.

Our prophy jets allow us to clean your teeth using air so your tooth enamel is not harmed. Your hygienist will use it to remove built-up plaque, tartar, and surface stains from your teeth. After your cleaning, she'll polish your teeth to make them feel silky smooth.

But a thorough cleaning isn’t all you will receive. Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Hughes will perform a thorough checkup to ensure your smile is looking and feeling its best. Not only will he check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and bite misalignment, but they’ll also look for abnormalities that might signal the potential for oral cancer.

Before leaving, he will go over any recommendations regarding treatment, if necessary. This will ensure you are informed and aware of the current state of your oral health and what you can do to improve upon any areas that need extra attention.

Other comfort amenities you’ll find at our Dunwoody office include laughing gas, chairside movies, and soothing music to help you relax your way to better dental health. If you have any questions during your visit, or even after you get home, please don't hesitate to ask. We’re here to help you enjoy the absolute best in dental health in any way we can.

A dental hygienist begins to check a male patient’s gum’s for plaque and tartar build-up Why Regular Visits are Important

The American Dental Association, Dr. Rodgers, and Dr. Hughes agree that a dental cleaning and checkup are necessary every six months. Bad bacteria can develop easily and quickly, leaving your teeth and gums vulnerable to more serious oral health conditions. If left untreated, you can be faced with timely and costly treatments that include everything from dental crowns and root canals to periodontal therapy and tooth extractions. Staying on top of your oral health is necessary if you want to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. Not to mention, these visits can save your life, as oral cancer can cause symptoms to arise that are not easily detected.

Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Hughes are trained to identify areas of concern that could be symptoms related to oral cancer. When detected early, the chances of successful treatment are significantly higher.

An older man and woman brushing their teeth while at home How to Maintain Your Oral Health Between Visits

While our team will thoroughly clean your teeth and remove any hardened plaque and/or tartar from your smile, it is important that you do your part while at home. A few helpful tips to remember include:

  • Brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day for two minutes
  • Using fluoride toothpaste to combat tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel
  • Floss at least once a day (preferably before bed)
  • Rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid eating hard, crunchy foods that can damage your teeth
  • Never use your teeth as tools to open packages or containers
  • Drink plenty of water and limit your sugar intake to reduce the likeliness of cavities
  • Eat a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet full of leafy green, low-fat dairy, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables