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Cutting-Edge Dental Technologies in Dunwoody

Because we value our patients, we incorporate many diverse technologies and techniques into our practice.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer many advantages over conventional ones. They expose you to much less radiation—up to 90% less! We can check them immediately so that you won’t have to spend extra time in the chair waiting for their development. Digital -rays are easier on the environment too, because they don’t require any of the harsh developing chemicals needed for conventional film-based x-rays.

Laser Dentistry

Laser technology has provided us with several wonderful dental tools. A laser's intense, narrow wavelength has specific, powerful effects when it comes into contact with both the hard and soft tissues of the body. That means it can be precisely directed to only the tissues needing treatment. Using a laser often reduces bleeding and sterilizes the area at the same time.

For you, this means greater comfort and more accurate treatments. In our office we use lasers for gum disease treatments, cosmetic gum re-contouring, decay detection and elimination, incision cauterizing, removal of growths, and biopsies.

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Surgical Operating Microscope

Dr. Jeff Rodgers and Dr. Meredith Hughes use a surgical operating microscope for enhanced magnification and illumination while they work on your teeth. This allows them to see more clearly and precisely. Click here to learn more.

Digital Charts

We keep all our patient records on our secure office computers. This means that we can easily pull up your information for immediate reference at chairside or anytime you call our office with a question.

CAESY Patient Education

CAESY is an interesting and effective multi-media presentation system that helps us provide you with more information about your dental care. CAESY offers dozens of short videos that give you clear, detailed explanations of various dental procedures and dental health topics. Of course, CAESY doesn’t replace our own explanations of your dental care, but it does enhance them.