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ProSomnous MicrO2—Dunwoody, GA

Rest Easy Thanks to the ProSomnous MicrO2

woman happily waking up

If you’re currently suffering from sleep apnea or want to stop snoring, you’ll find a nearly endless variety of sleep oral appliances available online. Our own Dr. Jeff Rodgers has used oral appliance therapy for more than 20 years to help our patients recover their rest and their health, and he prefers to use the MicrO2 by ProSomnous. Why? Because, in his experience treating countless patients, this appliance offers the very best when it comes to comfort, reliability, and long-term results.

man happily waking up How Does the ProSomnous MicrO2 Work?

Like with all oral sleep appliances, the goal of the ProSomnous MicrO2 is to ensure a patient’s airway stays open while they sleep, preventing the blockages in breathing associated with sleep apnea. This enables a patient to get the deep, uninterrupted sleep they need to feel energized and awake the next day, and it also has the happy side effect of stopping chronic snoring!

 The MicrO2 accomplishes this by fitting over the teeth and slightly shifting the lower jaw forward. This keeps the airway open and clear to guarantee a restful (and quiet!) night.

woman peacefully sleeping What Makes the ProSomnous MicrO2 Special

Why does Dr. Jeff Rodgers like the ProSomnous MicrO2 so much? Because it offers several advantages that just aren’t available with other appliances:

  • Reduced Size: While most sleep appliances are bulky and take up a lot of room in the mouth, the MicrO2 is one of the smallest on the market, making it extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Doesn’t Cover the Tongue: The MicrO2 fits similarly to a retainer and does NOT cover the tongue like your typical appliance, helping patients feel less restricted while wearing it.
  • Minimal Movement: The MicrO2 moves the jaw only as much as it is needed so it doesn’t strain the sensitive TMJ. Other appliances cause the jaw to open too wide, which can lead to facial pain and even restrict the airway.
  • Easily Adjustable: The MicrO2 can be adjusted by a patient to find the perfect fit.
  • Extremely Durable: Made of high-quality plastic, the MicrO2 has been shown to last for multiple years and thousands of nights.

older man putting on oral appliance  How to Get a ProSomnous MicrO2

Have you already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but still need treatment? Looking for a CPAP alternative? Or, do you feel exhausted all the time and suspect that you might have sleep apnea? Whatever your situation might be, Dr. Rodgers would be happy to give you a screening and let you know if oral appliance therapy with the ProSomnous MicrO2 could be exactly what you need. He’s able to work with sleep physicians all around the Dunwoody and Atlanta areas to help patients struggling with this disorder, and he’ll make the entire process from your first visit to your first great night of sleep with the appliance as smooth as possible.

To learn more about the ProSomnous MicrO2 or schedule an in-person sleep apnea screening, give us a call today.