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Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Dunwoody

If your smile is affected by a number of imperfections, we’ve got some good news for you. Dental veneers are thin sheaths of porcelain that can cover chipped, misaligned, or discolored teeth that show when you smile -- or what we like to call the smile zone. Sometimes referred to as instant orthodontics, porcelain veneers will transform your smile in as few as two office visits. Interested? Keep reading to find out more about porcelain veneers in Dunwoody!

All About Your Porcelain Veneers

Comfortable, natural-looking veneers will change your smile and boost your confidence. The fine porcelain used to craft veneers is thin, durable, and lifelike. Your veneers will reflect light like tooth enamel, so you'll enjoy a natural looking smile that turns heads in social and professional encounters. You deserve the smile of your dreams, and your cosmetic dentist in Dunwoody will be happy to meet with you for a porcelain veneers consultation.

Good candidates for dental veneers are patients who have stable dental and oral health. Instances of tooth decay and gum disease should be corrected before undergoing any elective dental treatment. Then, we can move forward with your porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers: The Procedure

Once we determine that dental veneers in Dunwoody are a good option for your smile, you can expect the entire treatment to be completed in two or three visits to our office. First, we’ll start by discussing your smile goals -- what do you want your porcelain veneers to look like? What don’t you want them to be? It can help to bring in photos for this portion of your treatment -- not everyone desires a super-white, celebrity smile after all.

When we’re ready to begin the procedure, Dr. Rodgers will remove a small amount of tooth enamel to create enough room for the porcelain veneers to line up with surrounding teeth. He’ll then take impressions of your teeth which will be sent to the lab for their creation. You’ll leave this initial appointment with temporary veneers, which you’ll wear for approximately two weeks while your new devices are crafted by an expert.

Once your veneers are completed and have been sent back to our office, you’ll come back in for your follow-up visit. Dr. Rodgers will check the devices to make sure they fit and look just like they should. Once you give the final ok, they’re securely bonded on, and your smile imperfections are a thing of the past!

The procedure for veneers is less invasive than traditional crown work, less time-consuming than traditional orthodontics, and more durable than cosmetic bonding. For lasting results, discerning patients typically choose handmade porcelain veneers.