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Safer X-Rays with Digital Radiography in Dunwoody

How Dental X-Rays Used to Work

Radiography actually refers to x-rays, which you’re probably very familiar with if you’ve been to the dentist in the last few decades. You probably remember having the machine placed inches away from your face while you were covered in a lead apron and your dentist took refuge behind a wall. You couldn’t help but ask yourself, “Is this safe?” Of course, x-rays are an essential part of dentistry because they allow doctors like Dr. Jeff Rodgers and Dr. Meredith Hughes to get a view of your teeth below their surface where hidden problems can occur.

These x-rays always came with drawbacks, however. They took time to develop, and even worse, the process required extremely toxic chemicals. Plus, let’s not forget, they exposed both patients and the dental staff to radiation. Fortunately, there is now a better way to do things, and that involves digital radiography.

How They Work Now

Digital radiography completely eliminates all of the problems related to film-based x-rays. Because the process has been completely digitized, it can create high-definition images almost instantly. Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Hughes can even display them on a chairside monitor. They make it much easier for them to plan procedures and tailor them to your specific needs. It’s also a great tool that allows them to fully inform patients about the state of their dental health. It empowers patients to be an active partner when it comes to their dental care.

These images are extremely easy to store, replicate, and send as well. This is ideal for tracking the progress of long-term treatment plans, coordinating treatments between different doctors, and getting insurance approval for certain procedures. All and all, they are a great leap forward for one of the most important tools in dentistry, and its benefits will be felt throughout your entire treatment.

One More Thing…

In addition to being extremely useful, digital radiography is also much better for the environment. We no longer have to stock, use, and dispose of the harsh chemicals needed to develop film. Also, even better, these x-rays expose our patients (and us!) to 90% less radiation. This is a relief for everyone, especially parents of small children. You can be assured that when you come to see us, we’ll only use digital radiography during your appointment.