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Dental Implants-Dunwoody, GA

Implant Dentistry Can Bring Back Your Complete Smile

If you are missing teeth because of an accident, injury, disease, or extraction, dental implants offer the replacement option that most closely mimics nature's design. Dental implants are a solid, permanent, and esthetically pleasing alternative to traditional bridges, crowns, and dentures.

A dental implant is a small titanium post that’s placed into an empty socket where a natural tooth is missing. The jawbone naturally bonds to the implant, forming a secure foundation onto which a new crown, bridge, or denture can be attached.

And, because we want you to maintain your quality of life while receiving the dental care you need, we offer teeth-in-an-hour and teeth-in-a-day. You can achieve a complete, functional smile in just one visit!

If you’re ready to rebuild your smile and want to stop wearing uncomfortable, unreliable dentures, dental implants might be right for you. After 35 years of use, they have a 90 to 95% proven success rate when placed appropriately. Dr. Jeff Rodgers  or Dr. Meredith Hughes can discuss implant dentistry options with you and suggest a treatment plan.

smiling older manBenefits of Dental Implants

Because dental implants replace an entire tooth, they offer a number of advantages compared to traditional restorations:

  • Their stability means that patients never have to worry about their new teeth slipping or shifting while they eat or speak.
  • Dental implants don’t have unnatural-looking metal or acrylic attachments needed to keep them in place. They sit within the gum line just like real teeth, so they look just like real teeth as well!
  • It’s common for the jawbone to shrink after tooth loss, which can erode the foundation of the remaining teeth and also make a person appear much older than they really are. Implants, however, can stop this and even encourage the growth of new, healthy bone exactly where it’s needed.
  • Thanks to their longevity, implants are a smart investment for any patient, helping them save thousands on periodic maintenance compared to traditional bridges and dentures.

Indications of Dental Implants

Whether you are missing a single tooth, all of them, or a number in between, Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Hughes can use dental implants to give you a renewed smile. After performing an exam to make sure your mouth and jawbone are healthy enough to support the new roots, they can replace your teeth with the following restorations:

single dental implantSingle Missing Tooth

An all-porcelain dental crown affixed to a dental implant can be fitted between two healthy teeth without disturbing them at all. This is much less invasive compared to a bridge, in which the nearby teeth have to be cut down to hold the prosthetic.

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Smiling patient Multiple Missing Teeth

Implant crowns like those mentioned above can also be attached to multiple prosthetic teeth that sit on the gums to create a bridge. Implant bridges provide an extremely natural looking restoration that has a much stronger fit and lasts longer than traditional ones.

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Missing All Teeth

Dental implants are extremely versatile and can even be used to anchor a full denture. Using multiple posts, they can support a prosthetic that has a number of advantages over traditional ones. They maintain their fit for longer, support your jawbone internally just like natural teeth, and they even allow for a much stronger bite force. This means a patient will be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods without worrying about their dentures popping, clicking, or slipping.

dentist talking to patientUnderstanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Every dental implant treatment provided by Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Hughes is unique, because in order for them to be as effective as possible, implants have to be personalized based on a patient’s unique situation. They take into account factors like how many teeth someone is missing, where they are located in the mouth, and the condition of their jawbone. Because of this, the overall price of the procedure is always different. If you want to know exactly what you’ll be expected to pay for implants, we’re happy to tell you, but Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Hughes needs to give you an exam first, so contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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question marksDental Implant FAQs

After looking over the page above, we’re sure you have quite a few questions regarding dental implants, and we’re happy to answer them! Below, you’ll find our responses to some of the most common implant-related questions we receive every day. If you’d like to ask about something that we haven’t covered here, feel free to give us a call any time !

How long does it take to get dental implants?

The timeline for dental implants can vary quite a bit from patient to patient depending on their particular situation. For example, replacing just one tooth with an implant for a patient who has a healthy jawbone may just take 3-6 months, while a case involving multiple implants and a full denture might take closer to a year. Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Hughes can give you a much more definitive timeline once you come to see him for an in-person consultation.

Does getting dental implants placed hurt?

Fortunately, no! Thanks to modern techniques and local anesthetic, most implant patients describe feeling a little pressure during the placement procedure, but no pain. A little tenderness and swelling in the treatment area are common afterward, but these symptoms are usually minor and can be adequately managed with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen.

Can I get dental implants even if I smoke?

Yes, but you’ll be asked to stop smoking a few weeks before and after the procedure to ensure your mouth is healthy enough for the placement surgery and that healing goes quickly. Over the long-term, smoking dramatically increases the risk that a dental implant will fail, so it’s best if a patient quits altogether. We know this is easier said than done, and we can offer resources to make this process as stress-free as possible!

Is there an age limit for dental implants?

While we generally will not recommend dental implants for patients who are still growing (i.e. children and teens), there is actually no upper age limit for dental implants. As long as someone’s gums, jawbone, and overall health are in decent shape, then they are a viable candidate to get dental implants.

Will I need a bone graft before getting dental implants?

Many patients need to undergo a procedure called a bone graft before they can safely get dental implants. This involves building up and strengthening the jawbone so it will be able to adequately support the new tooth roots. When you meet Dr. Rodgers or Dr. Hughes for a consultation, he or she will give you a comprehensive exam and take some X-rays. With this information, they'll be able to tell whether or not you need a bone graft.