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January 22, 2019

How to Fix Your Gummy Smile with a Cosmetic Dentist in Dunwoody

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perfect smile Whenever you smile, do you feel like your gum line overshadows your teeth? Do your gums make them appear short or stubby? The perfect smile shows just the right proportion of lips, teeth, and gums, and if just one of these elements is out of balance, it can easily affect someone’s overall appearance. Thankfully, if you’re dissatisfied with your “gummy” smile, a cosmetic dentist in Dunwoody can easily fix it, often in just one appointment! How? Read on to find out.

What Causes a Gummy Smile in the First Place?

This kind of issue is quite common, and most of the time, it’s due to 3 main causes:

  • While the teeth might appear short, they may actually be normal size, but they haven’t erupted properly, causing a portion of them to remain covered by gum tissue.
  • The upper jaw has developed in such a way that it causes the gum line to show more prominently. If there is an excessive protrusion of the upper jaw, this would create the effect of a gummy smile.
  • The muscle that controls the upper lip can actually be hyperactive, so whenever it contracts (like when someone smiles), it pulls back too much and reveals the gum tissue.

Is a Gummy Smile Something to Worry About?

A gummy smile is primarily an aesthetic flaw and nothing to be concerned about. The only time that it may indicate a more serious problem is if it’s due to the jaw or teeth not developing correctly. An overly prominent gum line can sometimes be more likely to develop sensitivity or an infection as well, but this can be mitigated by practicing consistent oral hygiene.

How a Gummy Smile Can Be Treated

While treatments like surgical lip repositioning and orthodontics can help correct a gummy smile, your dentist in Dunwoody has a much more efficient solution: laser treatment. Using a soft tissue laser, they can quickly and precisely remove any excess gum tissue to reveal previously hidden dental structure. From there, they can either re-contour the gum line along the teeth, or they may need to remove a little bone in order to expose more of them. In the end, the result will be the same: teeth that appear longer and a more balanced smile.

Most patients describe laser treatment as being quite comfortable. The focused beam of light creates no sound, heat, or vibration, and it actually cauterizes nerves and blood vessels as it goes. This results in little to no swelling, soreness, or bleeding during or after a procedure. Many patients are able to completely fix their gummy smile in just one appointment and instantly resume their regular routine.

So, if you’re ready to finally stop feeling self-conscious about your gum line, know that a solution is easily available, and it won’t take you much time to get it! Before you know it, you’ll have that perfectly proportioned look you’ve always wanted.

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Rodgers has been practicing general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry for over 20 years. He is constantly updating his office and learning about new technology, and he’s happy to offer patients quick and painless laser treatments to enhance their smiles. To learn more about what you can do about your gummy smile, he can be contacted through his website.  

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