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November 6, 2017

Give Yourself a New Smile with Your Dentist in Dunwoody

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woman with Santa hatAre you the kind of person who dreads the holiday season because of all the parties and social gatherings you’ll be invited to? We know, this sounds “awful,” but they can be rather uncomfortable if you’re self-conscious about your teeth. You’re constantly worrying that the first thing people will notice are your gaps, stains, or chips. Well, this holiday season might just be the year that you give yourself a beautiful smile. With the help of your dentist in Dunwoody, you can give yourself a flawless set of teeth that will fill you with confidence all the way through the next holiday season and beyond.

‘Tis the Season for a New Smile

You might be saying to yourself, “Isn’t giving myself a beautiful smile a little vain?” That assumes that the only benefit is cosmetic, but mountains of research performed across decades has revealed that a confident smile can do so much more for you than just improve who you see in the mirror. Numerous studies, too many to list here, have shown that people perceive others with pristine white teeth to be more intelligent, attractive, and professional. That kind of social capital can do wonders for both your professional and personal life. Don’t believe it? A quick search online will show you exactly what we’re talking about!

And of course, there’s the confidence that comes with a smile you can be proud of. With confidence, you can pretty much do anything, and nothing inspires it more than knowing that the first thing people see when they meet you is a gorgeous smile. If you’ve felt held back by your smile for years now, do yourself a favor and give yourself a gift that truly matters.

How You Can Do It

So how can you achieve the smile of your dreams? All you need to do is visit a cosmetic dentist in Dunwoody. Cosmetic dentists have literally spent hundreds of hours learning how to transform smiles into works of art. Thanks to their extensive training, they can pretty much enhance your smile in any way you can imagine.

With teeth whitening, they can quickly eliminate years of stubborn stains and give you a smile that always lights up a room…often in just one appointment!

Or, if you’re dealing with chips or cracks, porcelain veneers can easily makeover your smile in as little as two appointments. They are extremely thin ceramic coverings that are bonded to the front of the teeth, and they can mask and repair a wide variety of cosmetic imperfections with one simple procedure.

And, if you’re dealing with a multitude of problems including broken, decayed, and missing teeth, a dentist can perform what is called a full-mouth reconstruction. Basically, they’ll use a combination of treatments to restore your smile’s health and appearance at the same time, creating life-changing results.

You Deserve It

Everyone deserves to have a smile they can be proud of, and this holiday season, you can finally get one thanks to your dentist. There’s still time before the holidays really pick up, so be sure to give one a call today so you can get started! We guarantee you’ll be happy you did it!

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Rodgers is a practicing cosmetic dentist based in Dunwoody, GA. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he has an endless amount of experience and training helping people achieve their dream smiles, and he can do the exact same for you. To learn about all of your cosmetic options, contact him today.

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